Nutrobal (MK-677)

Nutrobal, also known as MK-677 or Ibutamoren, is a selective agonist of the ghrelin receptor and a growth hormone secretagogue.  It is in development to boost deficiencies of several hormones in children and adults.   Those in the fitness world have started to utilize this compound to help them achieve their goals in a big way in recent years.

Science of how it works

Nutrobal does several things that are nothing short of amazing.  First, it mimics the growth hormone stimulating the action of endogenous ghrelin (the hunger hormone)1).   It also increases and produces levels of several hormones including growth hormone and IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1).

Other things it does

Nutrobal has been shown to activate what is called GH-IGF-1 which increases lean body mass, but does not increase visceral fat.   Human studies have shown it increases muscle mass in a big way, and it will also increase bone mineral density.

Fake growth hormone

Growth hormone is the fountain of youth and everyone wants to take this hormone.  Unfortunately, unless you pay a fortune (5 figures a year) going to an anti-aging clinic, you are likely to be scammed buying it in generic form.  In fact recently, many Chinese firms were busted selling underdosed or bunk growth hormone to American dealers.   The powders were found to be really hcg, or in some cases nothing at all.

The great thing about nutrobal is that it gives you the opportunity to get all the great benefits of growth hormone, without getting ripped off, or over paying some greedy clinic.

Scenarios of use and How to stack

Nutrobal can be used solo.  You can expect a rise in IGF-1 and growth hormone in the body.   It also will inhibit the muscle eating cortisol from ruining your gains.

Stacking nutrobal will enhance its benefits.

  1. Healing abilities: I can tell you that nutrobal works wonders at solving annoying and lingering injuries.  You can stack it with n2jointrx and Ostabolic for maximum recovery from injuries.
  2. Muscle and strength gain: Stacking nutrobal with an existing steroid cycle will result in more gains in strength and muscle, without adding to side effects.  It also will help boost appetite so you can better utilize food you are eating.
  3. Fat loss: When using nutrobal it is all but impossible to actually gain fat, even with a less than the standard diet.  Obviously, the goal here is to lose the most fat as possible, though, and stacking nutrobal with Cardarine or SR9009 is a lethal fat burning tool without having to use a stimulant.
  4. Endurance and Crossfit: Nutrobal is one of the most popular weapons for endurance and CrossFit athletes because it will not add androgenic side effects or hurt cardio like anabolic steroids will.  Use it with cardarine or SR9009 and your endurance will go through the roof!

Side effects

If you use exogenous growth hormone, you will actually suppress your own bodies production of it! The great thing about nutrobal is that it will enhance your hormones in your body without suppressing them, because it provides a growth hormone pulse which ADDS to your existing growth hormone.

Nonetheless, there are side effects with this potent compound to watch out for.  The most annoying side effect I personally experienced was the hunger, especially at night.  To combat this I found that dosing it earlier in the day helped me not wake up during the night to eat.   The hunger aspect can be looked upon as a positive if you need to stimulate your appetite, and also nutrobal will help fight off fat gain anyway.

A rare side effect which has to be mentioned is water retention.  This is only temporary, and as you continue to use it you will notice this is less of a problem.

half life and detection times

The half-life of nutrobal is debatable.  In animal studies it was 4-6 hours, however, in human studies, IGF-1 stayed elevated a full 24 hours after taking the dose.

Detection times are unknown, however, we can theorize it is only a couple days, depending on what sort of testing is done.  I would recommend an athlete have a 2-3 day window at the most before testing to avoid being caught doping.

Dosage and how to take

Nutrobal can be taken at 25mg per day total for excellent results.  When to take it is debatable and should be experimented with by the user.    The basic strategy I would start with is split dose AM/PM.  However, some users prefer to take the full dose AM or PM.

Buy Nutrobal

Using it in liquid form you simply squirt into the mouth, swallow, then chase down with juice.

Where to find

Nutrobal should never be purchased in pill or capsulated form.  It is highly underdosed and faked as a research chemical liquid. Therefore, you must take great care and get it from a legitimate place, or you will be throwing money away.  In my experience, I would only trust sarms1 brand which has been proven to have 99.9% purity.

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