OG’s Captain And Two-time Dota 2’s

N0tail has won the prestigious international Dota 2 tournament twice, making him one of the five people to have accomplished this feat. He is also highly regarded in the esports community as friendly and charismatic. Although he can effortlessly build up a healthy audience on Twitch, the Danish MOBA player doesn’t open his stream very often.

At Christmas, he decided to broadcast Dota 2 for his 100,000 followers to celebrate the holiday season. OG’s Captain And Two-time Dota 2’s The International Champion, N0tail, Banned On Twitch The show has songs and Gorgc, n0tail didn’t turn on his face camera either. During the broadcast, he used homophobic insults. On several occasions, he let slip and “gay”. A Reddit user pointed out that champion Dota 2 suggested on his stream that he should play moreĀ  heroes. Another user pointed out that n0tail might not even care about the ban, “2 times TI winner, imagine benevolence.”

As mentioned, the exact reason for its ban has not yet been revealed. No information on the duration of this operation is also public. N0tail is a verified Twitch partner. Twitch has been distributing bans and suspensions more vigorously recently in an attempt to professionalize the platform. Most recently, CS: GO s1mple also received two bans in just two months for homophobic reasons.

According to Twitch community guidelines, any act of offensive conduct towards any promotion, encouragement or “facilitates discrimination, bashing, objectification, harassment or violence” on sex, gender identity and sexual orientation is extremely prohibited. According to the same guidelines, the first offense is prohibited from 24 hours to a week. This rule is based on a three-step structure in which the broadcaster will be permanently banned from the platform.

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