Sackboy Is Officially Coming Back In PlayStation 5 Exclusive Sackboy: A Big Adventure

The summer of IGN games today may have started a little slower than many assume, showing various small trailers and titles for more obscure developers before starting the massive unveiling of PlayStation 5.

Samurai Jack looked a bit unsure and dated, the long-awaited XIII gameplay trailer was surprisingly dated with bizarre effects that didn’t deserve the title style, and other titles just seemed to stamp the time before the fans could preview what they were all there to see.

Then a beautiful jewel appeared in the middle of the crowd of titles; Sackboy: a great adventure.

Words cannot do justice to the charming franchise of Little Big Planet, which ineffably encouraged creativity and simultaneously played through user-generated content and a charming tale that inspired several spin-offs and thousands of levels. Sackboy Is Officially Coming Back In PlayStation 5 Exclusive Sackboy: A Big Adventure

He is coming back, but this time with a massive change that some may notice follows the model of the Super Mario franchise: we are moving to a 3-dimensional play space. It’s as decadent as it sounds, but you might as well be convinced by the video:

In the short two-minute trailer, we can see the return of several beloved mechanics: the jump pads keep their strange face on them, grappling and swing are in full force, and the orbs for points are precariously stacked across the levels.

The most astute fans of the franchise have noticed something that can be a little worrisome, although it’s also probably a simple mistake; there is no mention of UGC or user-generated content in the trailer. Some argue that the lack of content showing the creator could imply that the jump to a 3D play space is too much to allow creation, or at least at the same level as we have seen in the past.